Saturday, March 29, 2014

Start of an Opportunity

The rain was pelting down hard on the concrete as I made my way towards one of the classrooms at De Anza High. I was filled with anticipation, for today was yet another step towards an amazing journey. At around 1 PM, we went to work, and Don started by giving us information on blogging, editing photos, and how to use MediaFire. We compared and contrasted decent blogs and blogs that needed improvement to give us a general set of guidelines to follow. 

After giving us a few minutes to write our own practice blog, we were ready for the next step: adding pictures. By that time, the rain was only down to a light sprinkle and we started to wander around the school to take pictures for our blogs. De Anza was the perfect place to start shooting pictures after learning some photo-taking skills from Don. 
Once we mastered our way of working with our blogs, taking pictures, and uploading photos, Don ended the tutorial with a discussion about the expectations for us and upcoming events such as dinners. After some shared stories about past ILC experiences, we learned a lot about what to pack for our summer program, our dorms, and what the ILC will help provide for us, such as loaner items.
Stairs are known to symbolize opportunities and pathways
Attending the tutorial today really helped prepare me for this journey in the summer. Although I was a bit disappointed that I was the only person in my session to go to UPenn, I am excited to meet my cohorts of the Penn program as well as the rest of the Ivy League Connection at future events. As of right now, I truly feel so blessed, grateful, and thankful for this privilege that the ILC is offering for me. I plan to take full advantage of this opportunity. 

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  1. Nice photos, Donna.

    Sorry you were the lone Penn student in your session but you'll be meeting up with the others very soon when you meet up soon to set up your blog site.