Sunday, March 30, 2014

So It Begins

A somewhat artsy rain photo
taken through the window
I woke up with a jolt, realizing that I had an Ivy League Connection event today. Panicking, I threw the covers off and checked the clock, only to find that it was much earlier than I had needed to wake up. My mom picked up a couple of other ILCers on the way to De Anza, and although we forgot the directions at home, we arrived a bit early (which is the same as being on time in the ILC) and walked through the rain to our room at De Anza High School.

Don started the tutorial, and I prepared myself to listen to four hours of information about the ILC…again. Last year, I was a part of the ILC’s Women and Leadership cohort, so I had been through this tutorial before. I remember frantically trying to take notes on everything Don was saying, hoping that I didn’t miss something that he might not have included in the detailed packet he handed us. I had learned a lot, but I had been nervous that I would miss something important. This time, I was expecting to have to force myself to stay awake as Don covered information that I had already learned.

That did not happen, thanks to Don. Although much of the tutorial was spent reviewing things that I knew from last year, this was still helpful, because there were some things I had forgotten, and a couple of things that were new for me. Don made blog formatting, photography, behavioral expectations, and packing lists (and yes, there was much more) just about as interesting as they can be, and told us more about the ILC and the trip to the East Coast.

I was the only ILCer who was accepted into a Penn program at my morning tutorial, so, unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet anyone new from Penn, but hopefully I can meet the other members of my cohort soon. 

While learning about the ILC in this tutorial wasn’t as helpful for me as it was last year, it was still the first step in this process, and I can only think how much I look forward to the rest of it. I’m thrilled to be a part of this program, and I can’t wait for the next ILC event. 

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  1. You were much in the same boat as Carson and Bryan in that they are ILC alums, too, and much of what was discussed was a repeat of what you were taught last year. Going in, though, could you say with any certainty that it would all be a repeat and that there would be nothing new? And could you also say for certainty that you remembered everything from last year or that you even mastered what you were taught back then? AHA! Lots of reasons to do this again