Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Best of Times and the "Worst" of Times

Whew! What a day! Today was just another example of life's greatest stresses and joys. I had afternoon tutorial sessions with Don today about blogging and the logistics about the ILC program. Getting to these tutorial sessions wasn't a shoot of the breeze however as I was stressing over if I would make it to the tutorials on time with the traffic that I encountered. I was all huffing and puffing as I sprinted to not be late and make a bad first impression with Don. That's the thing about first impressions. If you mess up the first time you meet someone, then that image sticks with them for a long time and whenever they think of you, they have a bad taste in their mouth. But if you have a good experience with meeting someone, it gives them the feeling that they want to know more of you and you are memorable in a favorable way. I also sure as heck didn't want to meet Evil Don or Guantanamo Don for if I did, they wouldn't leave me ever!

But enough about the stress. Today was a fun learning experience as Don taught us the basics of blogging. We had to create a practice blog on whatever we wanted to write about. Then Don taught us the basics of Photoshop such as cropping and manipulating a photo until it looked nice and focused only on the subject matter. We practiced this by posting some pictures on our practice blog to make it look nice. 

Finally, Don talked about what to pack and what to expect over the next couple of months with the dinners. There was so many things that seemed overwhelming to me about how to prepare for the UPenn Physics program that I will attend. Good thing I have a lot of time to do these things beforehand. I'm so looking forward to going to UPenn this summer!

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