Sunday, June 29, 2014

Everything but the kitchen sink

Well, it's Sunday evening, and this time tomorrow I'll be sweltering in the heat and humidity of Washington, D.C. Knowing that I'll be leaving for nearly a month in less than 12 hours has me excited, but at the same time anxious and overwhelmed. I do think that once we land in Washington, D.C. and get settled in I'll be a lot calmer--it's really the anticipation that's making me nervous. I always get travel jitters before I get on a plane. Have I packed everything I need? Will I lose anything before I get there?

Even after having packed most of my things over the course of the past week, today was still a frenzy of last-minute packing and trying to cram things into my stuffed suitcase. Sandals? Check. Pillow? Check. Camera? Check. Several pairs of shorts? Check. Kitchen sink? Che--oh, wait, that's probably what's pushing my suitcase over the 50lb limit.
Packing "light"
Despite my worries, though, my suitcase is completely packed (though nearly overflowing) and weighs only thirty pounds. I'll go to bed early and wake up at 3:00 AM tomorrow (ugh... that will be hard) to leave for the east coast with the rest of my cohort. This is a wonderful opportunity for me, and an adventure I can't wait to begin.
Trying to close my suitcase
I do wish I could pack this guy, though. My cat, Skype, is one of the things I'll miss most about home. He likes to climb onto my lap and purr when I'm sitting at my computer (absolutely adorable).

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  1. I gotta say that your cat does look adorable. Mine loves to lay all over my arms while I’m at my computer or he’ll lay vertically on my chest with his sharp talons stuck in my chest and his face right in front of my face.

    Have you ever tried to reach the keyboard when a cat is sitting right on your chest? It’s tough. And you can;t see which keys you’re hitting, either.

    From the photos I’m betting your cat is a better computer cat than mine.