Sunday, June 29, 2014

Night Before a Penntastic Summer!

Look at What I Get to Lug Around at 3:50 in the Morning!
Today's the day before I groggily wake up less than 24 hours from now at an indecent hour to go leave to Pennsylvania! I honestly can't wait! The Penn cohort gets to go to Washington, D.C. and visit Georgetown University, New York and visit both Columbia and NYU, and New Jersey to see Princeton, not to forget Pennsylvania itself! 

A Snapshot of  the Contents of My Carry-On Bag 
A Symbol of the Preparation For the Journey That Lies Ahead
In the meantime before then, I have been furiously packing to be prepared for this 4 week long trip. I'm so thankful for Don in giving us a packing list way before we even knew the details about this trip at the first tutorial session. Man, the tutorials and orientation meetings seem like such a long time ago even though it's been only a couple of months away! Not to get side tracked however, I started packing my suit, clothes such as shorts and shirts, toiletries, laptop, and phone. Thanks Don for also providing us with some items that we don't have like some nice nonpink bed sheets, laptop locks, and some Ethernet cables. Still I can't seem to find my missing USB fan! Luckily, I don't have to use my whole family to squish down my luggage so I can close it although my luggage weighs 44.2 pounds which is more than Don's suggested luggage weight of 42 pounds. Sorry Don! At least Don can get a workout in weighing out all our bulky luggages the first thing in the morning.

In conclusion, though the journey to preparing for the Penn trip was a bit rough at times, I'm more positive than it was worth it and so I'm really grateful for everyone such as my family, Don, and WCCUSD school board members for helping me get to this point where I am now. College life, I can't wait to take you out for a spin this summer!

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  1. You don’t know how lucky you are, Andrew. It’s a good thing I like you or you might have ended up with the fluorescent pink bed sheets. That’s the price you pay for not being there to pick them out for yourself. Not wanting to embarrass you I packed the plain old white sheets for you.