Monday, June 2, 2014

Orientation Frenzy

First Thing I Saw at the Orientation Meeting. Bizzare, Right?
Today was yet another crazy day! It was a fitting close to a hectic but exciting series of official Ivy League Connection events before the trip to University of Pennsylvania. So a lot happened today. What specifically? Well, I'm so glad you asked.

To begin with, Don Gosney started telling all of the ILCers in the room about how the students were to act on the ILC trips. He said that we were no longer students, but responsible adults who had obligations to do such as blogging or going to a bed at a reasonable time. This was because the ILCers had a job to do and that was to study and take a class at a college in the East. While we can have fun, that's just icing on the cake. The cake is to experience college life at a prestigious college that's not in California.

Following this, John Hilyer, our cohort chaperone, told us the tentative itinerary we would have in July. We would leave for Pennsylvania waking up at 3:30 in the morning to catch the shuttle to the airport. Then, we would visit Washington D.C. and the museums they have there such as the Newseum or the museum of media which I'm hoping to see. Other places that we would see is Princeton, Columbia, and New York University all in the period of 5 days. I also forgot to mention visiting Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty while also fitting in time to eat at a Jewish deli in New York and at Butcher and Singers in Philadelphia. The trip's going to be so jam-packed with activities I'll be overjoyed and tired beyond my human limits. I'm so thankful for John in being so knowledgeable and experienced in going to Pennsylvania as he organized the ILC trip.

Just Some of the Many Items that Don and Company Provides
 The last thing at the orientation meeting today was Don telling us what items that he has that ILCers can borrow if they need to such as luggage. I appreciate Don for his generosity in spending $10,000 for items that we can borrow. I also appreciate Don for his wise advice for the trip. After all, he has experienced some of the best but mainly the worst in his tireless work for the ILC. I'm so thankful for the ILC program and for the school district in providing such an excellent opportunity as this. I can't wait for the Pennsylvania trip!

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