Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pre-Flight Preperations

Well, after months of preparation, hard work, and immense dedication, the day before our departure has finally arrived. Every step, every event and everything, regardless of how small the ILC has done to prepare us now culminates for this. As the quote made famous by the movie "Fast and Furious 7", "All Roads Lead to This." In other words, this is our time to shine, the moment we have so long looked forward to and coveted. This is our moment and we must make the absolute most of it. In less than a few hours, as a cohort, we shall embark on one of the most life-changing experiences we have ever been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity. I do not think I will ever be able to express how thankful I am to the ILC for providing me with such a chance, a chance that no other school district in the entire country parallels in providing its students.
Like all trips, the most challenging part is identifying what to leave behind rather than what to take. After hours of packing, unpacking, and then repacking I was finally able to come to a compromise between everything I needed and everything I did not. Personally, I love traveling, but packing is always an aspect that troubles me the most and can present itself to be a very miniscule but laborious task. 
I woke up this morning thinking one thought only, "Wow, time flew." I find it remarkable how fast this day has come. I remember telling myself the day after I was accepted into the ILC that the day to my departure would feel like an eternity. However, now it feels as if it was yesterday that I made that comment. At this moment the only thing I feel is excitement. I can already imagine all the adventures that await my cohort and I on the East Coast and the invaluable experiences we are about to have.

I cannot wait to tour all of the wonderful colleges and universities we are set on exploring and identifying if each would be somewhere I could see myself attending. For me, this will be a very important task. As I am now entering my last year of high school, the day where I will have to make my ultimate decision on which schools to apply to draws ever so closer. My aspiration is to solidify a few schools that I feel truly fit my academic style so that I will not be overwhelmed when the time comes.

Moreover, I cannot wait to be able to enrich my mind in the multitude of ways this trip will offer. I remember from my experiences last year at Columbia University, I not only learned inside the classroom, but also outside of it, through my roommates and the various individuals I was so privileged to have met and establish a connection with. I greatly look forward to having a repeat of that same experience this year. While at the same time I may find it hard to leave home for such a long time, I know that this is all for the betterment of future  and a preview of what is to come. In less than a year this form of excursion will not merely be for a month but rather the beginning of my life as an independent individual, responsible for his own future based on how well he has been prepared by his parents and the education he has received in school. Thanks to opportunities such as the one the ILC has presented me, I know that I will be immensely prepared as my time approaches. All I can say at this point is, "I am ready!"

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