Friday, May 30, 2014

A Penn-tastic Dinner!

Delicious Filet Mignon!

Yesterday was the University of Pennsylvania dinner at Kuletos! The food was delicious such as the filet mignon and salad we had! It was so hard to pull myself away from my food and talk with others. Still, the atmosphere was ripe for conversation and I enjoyed talking with University of Pennsylvania alumni and current students.

For example, I met a current student named Roger who was a rising sophomore. What was interesting about Roger was that he was a former member of the Ivy League Connection program attending the Yale Grand Strategies program in 2012. His story was kind of similar to my story in that we both didn't even think about going to a college outside of California until learning about the Ivy League program. After the Ivy League trip, Roger decided to apply to University of Pennsylvania and in his words, got in by "luck" even though he seemed like an intelligent and kind person. 
UPenn Dinner Greet and Meet
Another alumni that I met was Beth Topor. She is the East Bay representative for the University of Pennsylvania and organizes interviews for the college at coffee shops. She was full of wisdom and helpful insight when I asked her what were her most memorable interviews. She responded by saying that the people she remembered the most were those who had the initiative to utilize their resources when there was no one to prod them to fulfill their passions and desires. They were examples of carpe diem as they seized whatever opportunities they can find on their way. This reminded me of what Phil Schlein, another University  of Pennsylvania alum, said during the dinner. He reminded all of us to pursue what we love and have a passion for instead of being forced to fulfill dreams that are not our own dreams. What wise words!

Me Conversing With Lucy
 It was sad leaving all the people I had met such as Beth, Roger, Phil Schlein, and Lucy Li. Lucy Li is a rising sophomore and friend of Roger who is currently majoring in biochemistry. What also made it kind of sad was that it was the last Ivy League Connection dinner with Charles Ramsey as a school board member. But this sadness soon faded away with a dangerous escalator hiccup that abruptly stopped the escalator. Luckily no one was hurt, but it was still pretty scary to experience that.

Former, Current, and Future Penn Attendees

In conclusion, I had a fun experience in meeting other University of Pennsylvania students and alums while also getting a taste of what Pennsylvania will be like in the summer. I can't wait to go to Pennsylvania in July! But while learning more about others, I was also reminded to learn more about myself and where my passions really lie. What a thought provoking and fascinating dinner!

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