Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Other 41 ILC Members in the Same Building

The Incomplete Penn Cohort with Bryan Sporting a Halo
Today was the ILC board meeting! It was held at the LaVonya Jean Middle School which was quite nice and modern. The whole thing was televised deviating from the normal board meeting as it included all 7 groups of ILCers going off. I felt bad that the board members had to wait for 2 hours, but I think they appreciated the gratitude expressed by the ILCers. 

So what actually happened in the board meeting? Well, a lot. To begin  with, the meeting started off with the introduction of some of the board members such as Mr. Charles Ramsey who presided over the meeting. Next, it was time for the ILC members to come up to the stage where the chaperone from each group described what their cohort was doing and what colleges they would visit on their ILC trip. It was pretty interesting to hear about the different classes other kids would take such as Hotel Management or Special Topics in Math. However, I still think that I'm taking the best class the ILC has to offer with the Experimental Physics Academy  at the University of Pennsylvania with physics, roller coasters, and astronomy all wrapped up in one class! Anyways, after the chaperone introduced the names of their cohort, a representative from each group addressed the board members and expressed their thanks for the ILC program. Not to be biased again, but I think the Penn cohort had the best speaker, Julia Shebek. She was profuse in her gratitude towards the ILC members and yet her speech was succinct and concise in addressing how she and her other cohort members felt about this once-in-a-lifetime trip. 
Not Bad, Don For a Quick Photo!
At the end, with much prodding from Don, everyone got together for a group photo with like 100 shots. Even though Gwennie was unfortunately not here today as she was at the Intel International Science Fair, I trust in Don's photographic skills to Photoshop her in there. I mean look at this photo Don provided. Though it's a rough draft, it still looks pretty good. All in all, today was a time where I could bond with my fellow cohort members and with other ILC members that are going on the same journey as I am. This meeting was thoroughly surprising!

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