Thursday, May 8, 2014

Trouble in Paradise

Today, my cohort was set to have our first official meet-and-greet event. This is a very invaluable event which allows all members to be able to become acquainted with the rest of the cohort as well as formally be introduced to our chaperone.

Ever since being chosen into the Ivy League Connection program I have been anxious to be able to officially meet the students with whom I shall be spending the greater portion of my summer with. For months I so long awaited this event and when we were finally given the date... I was devastated.

Unfortunately, the designated date would prove to be of an immense inconvenience for me. On the very same night I was set on performing in my school's music Area Festival. Normally I would have done everything in my power to get around this event and attend the meet-and-greet. However, this was an event that was very important to the music department at my school. The primary purpose of the Area Festival culminate the musical talent of my high school, along with that of local elementary and middle schools and share music with the community. It is an event that highlights the value of music in the lives of youth and encourages them to pursue it. My first interest in music actually came from one of these Area Festivals and it served as my inspiration to learn how to play music to express myself.

So sadly, that is where I was obliged to spend my evening at, rather than the meet-and-greet, which would have given me the opportunity to finally meet the other members of my cohort as well as my chaperone, who I have heard so many great things about. However the night was not a total loss as I was able to do something I truly love, which is play music, and having been unable to meet my cohort on this occasion makes me even more excited to meet them all at our next event.


  1. Sorry you missed the event, Bryan. Both events were of great importance and you couldn’t be in both places at the same time.

    I’m sure your music was fine but did you get a load of that pizza in Andrew’s blog? Dang but my mouth is watering right now.

  2. Bryan, perhaps you could post a picture of yourself at your Music Festival? Or a picture of yourself eating a piece of pizza ;)