Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dinner at Zachary's

This evening I first met my chaperone, John Hillyer, at Zachary’s Pizza. After getting to know him (and the rest of my cohort) better, he told us about where we would be going, what we would be doing, and what to expect on the east coast. I’m definitely looking forward to visiting the Smithsonian in New York, all the memorials in Washington DC, and getting to go on all the college tours. 

This evening was the first time my cohort met our chaperone, John Hillyer, in person.  He is a dedicated history teacher in our district and is as excited about the Ivy League Connection as we are. Knowing that my chaperone is actually a very nice, helpful person has eased many of my worries about this month-long adventure.

Then the pizza came and we didn’t have as much time for talking. Zachary’s deep-dish pizza is absolutely delicious, with fresh, stringy, melted cheese on the bottom, topped with juicy, flavorful tomato sauce, all baked to perfection. Many thanks to John, for choosing a restaurant with such delicious food, but that still has a cozy, relaxed atmosphere.

I’m looking forward to learning more about my trip to Penn and the amazing people I'll be traveling with!

UPenn cohort devouring delicious pizzas.
From left to right: John Hillyer, Andrew Kyong, Gwennie Gilbert-Snyder, Julia Mason, Julia Shebek, Donna Fang.

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  1. With all respect, Gwennie, you need to teach that computer a lesson and make sure it knows who is really in charge. Most of the time, if you’re stern enough and show resolve, you don’t even have to threaten the machine. It just knows it’s been beat and gives it up as it segues into submission.

    Make sure you post the photos, Gwennie, so I can enjoy your experience even more.