Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 14: "RC Group Bonding and Final Week Sadness"

After another week of intense intellectual stimulation and unbelievable experiences, I officially needed a day off to recover for the final week. Now, that is not to say I was going to take a day and not do anything.

My morning began relatively later than usual, at around 9:30 AM. My RC group and I decided to sleep in a bit before venturing off into the activities for the day. After waking up, a few of us got ready and headed over to the local gym. Personally I love going to the gym with my friends because we begin to display a sense of competitiveness amongst each other that drives us to work out harder. Not only that it offers us another chance to become closer as friends. When we concluded a solid amount of time, we headed back to the Quad where we were invited to play a bit of soccer at Penn Park.

We headed over with a group of our friends and spent the majority of the afternoon playing together. Soccer seems to be a unifying element among my RC group as a lot of them are very passionate about the sport. Most of them are on their high school teams and it is interesting to exchange tactics between us to see which ones have proven themselves most effective.

The true highlight of the day came in the evening, in the form of laser tag. Being that my RC group and I had long awaited an event where we all wanted to attend and that we had all signed up for. As we boarded the bus we took note that our RC, Jordan, was also going to be a part of the excursion. Over the course of the past two weeks, Jordan has become a leading role model for us all. We have grown so united as an RC group, that is unmatched compared to others. He has served as our motivator, teacher and has essentially become an older brother to us all. For this excursion, we all took a decision of uniting as an RC group and forming one laser tag team, to go up against the other two RC who were also going. Before each match, he would lay out a game plan for us to follow that at first seemed preposterous and quite radical. However, once in match, everything clicked and we began operating as a single unit. Everyone covered each others backs and we began communicating with each other effectively. For the most part our team was unstoppable and as a result we one each of our matches by a landslide. Jordan told us he was proud of us for demonstrating true unity between us. We had been flawless in our cooperation with one another and our gameplay reflected that heavily. Looking back, I agree with what Jordan said about the unity we had as an RC group. Very little had I seen another RC group work together as a group like ours did, both in a competitive situation and in terms of the actual program. We have become so well connected that Jordan need only tell one of us a piece of important information for all of us to know it. Honestly, I feel lucky to have such a great RC, who not only is  inspirational, but also knows how to have a great time.

Later that night, we had an RC meeting where we discussed a few important details for the last week. Instantly many faces dropped at the realization that our time here was almost up. That the time had past by so quick that it seemed unbelievable that our last week was already upon us. Jordan tried inspiring us by telling us a bit of information about confidence and explaining that it could lead us anywhere. He also gave us advice that would benefit us when applying for colleges and post-college endeavors.

Personally, I still felt a bit saddened at the end of the day thinking that only a few days remained before I would have to leave. It feels as though everything went by so fast. I know that I cannot stop time, but I can decide to make the most of what little time I have left here.  

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