Saturday, July 12, 2014

Truth or (Times) Square

Today I returned, for the second time in my life, and the second time in the last two weeks, to New York City. The Summer Discovery Program insisted that we all have the opportunity to experience this beautiful, vibrant, enigmatic metropolis and who am I to question the decrees of the Summer Discovery Program? Thus it was that I found myself once again in that iconic cosmopolitan entrepĂ´t that always smells faintly of urine.
New York City, replete with taxis

In order to get to New York City, we enjoyed a three hour bus ride from the Quad. I slept for the majority of the time. (I am such a pro at sleeping on buses.) Our first stop in NYC was Columbia University. Unfortunately there were no tours available, on account of it being Saturday. Still, it was nice to walk around the campus again. 

Times Square
After we disembarked for the second time, Donna, Gwennie, Other Julia, Isabel, and myself began exploring the city together. After a quick breakfast, we meandered over to Times Square. Standing in Times Square is essentially equivalent to standing in the middle of a giant billboard. We also went to the Rockefeller Center, which featured a very large art installation entitled "Split Rocker." It was an edifice covered in plants that resembled the head of a rocking horse. Sort of. I thought it was super cool. In retrospect, my favorite thing about New York City is probably all the public art. 
The Split Rocker

Epic facade at the Rockefeller Center
By the time we finished marveling at the sights the city had to offer, it was time to return to the buses. (It was made very clear to us that if we were not on our bus at 6, they would leave without us, so we were all a little overcautious  about making it back on time.) 

As you would expect, I slept for most of the bus ride back as well. (I am REALLY GOOD at sleeping no matter the circumstances.) Apparently, while I was sleeping, I slammed my head into Other Julia's chair. I cannot confirm this to be true, because I was asleep the entire time. I know for a fact that I inadvertently stole Gwennie's soup and headbutted Other Julia in the face. (Come to think of it, that's probably why she found it so amusing when I somnambulantly headbutted the seat as well.) 

Today was a great day. After an intense week of class, it was nice to be able to be a tourist. I hope tomorrow will be just as interesting.

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