Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ending the Week with a Pop

Today, we decided as a room to do nothing interesting.
Woo, sweet and sour chicken!


I spent the early part of the day cleaning up my parts of the room and showering, then we hung out in the room, reading, listening to music, etc., knowing that for the first time in a week, we could spend a day doing nothing. I cannot understate how nice it was to get extra sleep and just relax for a day. We ended up going to dinner at a Chinese restaurant less than a block away, and we walked with our RC, Jessica, to an adorable little popsicle shop that had flavors like "lemon blueberry buttermilk" and "goat cheese with strawberry jam." I ended up with a seriously delicious raspberry yogurt pop that made my (unusually boring) day.

Is it sad that the most interesting thing we did today was eat?
Oh, and Andy emailed us this, which we took while we were walking back from the pizza place:

Andy keeps us guessing with what we're doing next; he doesn't always tell us what we'll be discussing the next day, or even who the next speaker is, so I'm still not sure what we're covering tomorrow. We had an amazing first weekI can't wait to see what's in store for us in the second. 

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  1. That time-lapse is so cool! Is this the Social Justice cohort?