Friday, July 25, 2014

Penntivities Before Departure

Zany Demos and Presentations!
Oh no, today is the last day at Penn! Oh, how it feels like it was just yesterday that I arrived at Penn. Man, time has flown by! It reminds me of the saying that the days are long, but the weeks are short. Today, I sadly finished my physics program and had to say goodbye to my teachers. We finished off the class first with group presentations. I did 2 group presentations today which was interesting. The first topic I talked about in class was my roller coaster ride at Hershey Park, the Claw and the data that we collected from the ride. My other presentation was about the cloud chamber that we had been working on for the past couple of days and in it, we showed some footage of the muons that we had seen in the chamber. There were multiple presentations from different groups and listening to all these groups took quite a while. But I still learned some pretty neat things that the other groups were doing such as one group was using a Dish satellite as a radio telescope to map out the sky in daylight! 

Photos With Friends and Teachers
After the presentations, Bill did some final demos with us such as floating bubbles on carbon dioxide; exploding a wooden, magnetic house; and driving a car with a fire extinguisher attached to it just to mention a few! They were pretty amazing and capped off the amazing adventure we had in learning physics here. As a token of all the things we did in physics, Mary gave us a memory stick filled with  the lectures, photos, and powerpoint presentations of all the things we did in class to not forget what happened. Then we took a group photo, said bye to our teachers, and headed off!

Goodbye Philly Food!
Following physics, I went to Shake Shack again to devour another delicious burger before I left Penn and got some Insomnia Cookie cake to celebrate the night with friends. To finish off today, I rewatched The Dark Knight Rises with my floormates and my R.C. Tim who claims to be Batman. Though my time in Penn is up for this year, I'm so thankful for the experiences that I had here and I will treasure these moments forever!

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