Saturday, July 12, 2014

Welcome to the City That Never Sleeps (NYC)!

Wow! It's the NBC Studios where the Late Night and Tonight Show Is Done!
Today was a blast as today was the time where the Penn Summer Discovery Camp went to New York City! It was fun going back to New York again as we didn't spend enough time there as we just visited Columbia and NYU and so we were able to experience what New York was like first hand. To begin with, we embarked our journey to New York at 9:00 A.M. and got to where Columbia University was at around 12:00. Unfortunately, it was a weekend and so there were no college tours being done at the time and we didn't have enough time to really explore the Columbia area with just 30 minutes! I was still able to visit Koronets again and the Columbia bookstore which is pretty nice, but pales in comparison to the UPenn bookstore. We left around 12:30 and headed off to Times Square, a place that the Penn cohort had wanted to do, but couldn't fit into their schedule! 

Such a Spectacular View of the City!
Arriving at Times Square around 1:20 P.M., we decided to explore the city! The first thing on our checklist was Top of the Rock which means that we were going to go on top of the Rockefeller Building even though I am scared of heights. Luckily though, the height factor wasn't very frightening to me and the view was incredible and breathtaking! Normally, I would have just nodded and said how cool the pictures of New York look without noticing how pretty it was until I was actually standing up on the Rockefeller Tower and actually seeing such a gorgeous sight with my own eyes! The view was so incredible that a recently married couple was taking their wedding shots at the top of the Rockefeller Tower. This was also the place where U2 played Invisible on the premier of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! 

Times Square With All its Ads!
Anyways, after going up the Rockefeller Tower, we went around exploring Times Square. There were so many people there that I felt bad for all the cars that had to wait for the hordes of people who moved from place to place! There were also many ads which seemed like too much stimulus that a normal person would go crazy from seeing all these colors on LCD screens! Good thing they didn't have audio though, as everyone would probably go deaf. We visited stores such as Toys-R-Us which had a mini Ferris Wheel inside the store and the Hershey's Candy Store which was a chocolate heaven! At the end, we visited Carnegie Hall where it was sadly not open to the public. But it was still pretty neat seeing the building that housed so many famous musicians and conductors!

Radio City (Where the Rockettes Are!)
In conclusion, today was an awesome day with such staggering views being able to go in the Rockefeller Tower and take in the sights of Times Square! But I also enjoyed the companionship of my friends today in seeing all these wonderful sights together and talking about our lives! I really enjoyed New York and I hope to visit again soon!

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  1. Pictures came out great! Sorry we missed each other in the City.