Sunday, July 20, 2014

Shopping in Germany

Some of the Sights We Saw
No, I didn't actually teleport to Germany today within a few hours and come back to UPenn. I wish though. Instead, I went to the King of Prussia mall today in Penn. The reference to Germany came from a trivia buff who said that Prussia in World War 2 formed a coalition of city states to create present day Germany. Getting back to the point though, the KOP mall was pretty cool. It had an enormous amount of stores there that I literally got lost in the sea of shops I was in. There were some pretty interesting stores like the Marbles store where they sold brain games and brain teasers for a mental challenge. There was also a store called Jay's Video Games where they sold ancient video game devices like the NES, Atari, and Gameboys.

Yummy Food We Found Today!
After the mall, I went out to eat with most of the Penn cohort and John at the Fresh Grocer or as Philadelphians call it "FroGro" for short. It was interesting not eating food in a restaurant setting, but in the park. Only at the park was I able to experience Julia Mason climb on walls and stare at a mouse for a couple of minutes! When dinner concluded, we went to a popsicle shop called the Little Pop Shop that was much raved about by the 2 Julias. I had never tried something as weird as a green tea popsicle with mochi inside of it before, but I was pleasantly rewarded. Just like most things in life where you try something new and are pleasantly surprised by it. When I got back to the campus, I played some Uno with my friends and shot the breeze with them before going to bed. Today wasn't too eventful and I had nice time relaxing with my friends in the mall and in the park.

Man, Look How Fast Time Has Flown In Penn!

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