Sunday, July 20, 2014

King of Prussia

Throughout the days that I've spent here in the East Coast, I've realized how much of a waste sleep is. I mean, who needs sleep when you're at a summer program in UPenn? You can go for a morning run around campus, grab food at any one of the amazing shops near the Quad, hang out with friends, or just find a relaxing place to sit and read. Okay fine,  I didn't do any of those things this morning, but I did get up early to sign up for the Phillies and Giants game on Tuesday. I've never liked going back to sleep after already starting my day, so I just waited until 11:00 AM to grab brunch with a few friends before embarking on our trip to the King of Prussia Mall!
King of Prussia Mall
King of Prussia really did earn its title of being the second largest mall in America. One of my favorite aspects of the mall was the setting of how everything was placed. It was a very spacious area where you can easily move from store to store, and a large food court was located in the middle of the mall with gelato, pizza, noodle shops, and more. Despite all the fun places I wanted to check out in the mall, I was only able to look around in two stores since they were both really big. Isabel and I only explored one small section of the mall, since there was no way that we were going to be able to go everywhere in the four hours they gave for us to shop. Although we really did just stay in one area for the majority of the time we were there, I kept losing track of where I was. Being in King of Prussia with the worst sense of direction on the planet is not the best combination to have. I had to rely on Isabel the whole time in order to find my way around the mall, but I was glad that I didn't get lost like a few students did. 
Isabel = Shopping Buddy
After a long day at the mall, everyone went back to the bus with happy faces and shopping bags, ready to go back to UPenn. However, there was a setback on our departure back when a few people were lost inside the mall and couldn't find their way back to the bus. It was unfortunate that the bus I was on had to wait for a whole hour for the four students who were lost inside the mall. In spite of the delay, I was still able to rush to drop a few things off in my dorm when we arrived back, and meet with Mr. Hillyer and the cohort for dinner together! 

It was nice to be able to catch up with Mr. Hillyer and most of the members of the Penn cohort  after not being able to hang out with each other for such a long time. We made a stop at the Fresh Grocer, which was basically a local grocery store near the campus. It was a nice change to not dine in a restaurant with a bunch of people, since we just grabbed a few meals and ate outside a park. After we ate, the Julias had to leave us for a Social Justice lecture, so they were not able to go with us to get the amazing popsicles that Julia Mason claimed to be. The store was called Lil' Pop Shop, and it was a lot more difficult than I thought to choose a flavor (probably cause I just wanted all of them). Although it just looked like any regular popsicle, my chocolate salted caramel popsicle is seriously equivalent to an explosion of heavenly goodness. 

Lil' Pop Shop
I ended my day with another RC meeting in the Franklin Lounge where we discussed the plans for our last week at Penn. These wonderful two weeks have flown by so quickly and I am not feeling ready at all to leave. Nonetheless, I hope to cast away any dreadful thoughts of the ending to my amazing summer journey, and make the most out of this last week. 

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