Sunday, July 13, 2014

Seeing the "Sound of Liberty!"

Ring, ring America!
Here's a funny joke. 
Me: Why are there no knock-knock jokes about America? 
Friend: Well, Andrew... I don't know.
Me: Well, it's because freedom rings!

Now you're probably wondering how this relates to what happened today, so read on and find out! Today was a restful day with some pretty cool things as I slept in! To start off my day, I went to church on campus which was nice because I didn't have to walk very far from my dorm room. After church service, I left to go to Independence Hall and get lunch before we went. We took the Philly subway station and it reminded me of New York's subway because there was no A.C. in there and we all were cooking up like chickens in the oven until the rushing breeze from the arriving train cooled us off a bit! As we waited, I talked with some of my friends such as Ayush, Ryan, and Sanjit about what jokes they knew and the one that I had in the beginning circulated around. 

Where the Nation Was Founded and Built!
When we arrived at Independence Hall, it reminded me of Georgetown with all its historic buildings made of brick. The tour was also pretty cool as we were able to walk into Independence Hall and see the restored settings where George Washington and the other Founding Fathers met to write the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution! It was mandated a Global Heritage site because it was where the democratic ideals of freedom and happiness that define the U.S. were born. Another place that we saw there was Congressional Hall where it was the first place where Congress met before the Capitol was built in D.C.! It was where the debates about state representation was hammered out and where compromises where made! The Congressional Hall also had 2 paintings of King Louis XVI and of Marie Antoinette as homage for their support in the American Revolution which was pretty neat! After Independence Hall, we decided to check out the Liberty Bell which is what the joke at the beginning hinted about because the Liberty Bell when it was cracked, couldn't be used as a bell anymore. But now after World War 2 and after the Civil Rights Movement, even though the bell is cracked, it's taken on an image as the sound of liberty and freedom which resounds louder than it's actual sound!

Laser Tag Adventure!
Coming back from Independence Hall, I rested a bit before I went off again to do Laser Tag! That was also another fun adventure! I met some new people such as Nicole and Gabby while having a blast at blasting other players. I didn't do pretty bad myself as I was 17th and 11th out of 34 looking at shooting statistics! In conclusion, today was a nice break with some fun things added along with it. I wonder what tomorrow will bring!

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