Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jersey? Shore!

It's the weekend! We took a break from classes and went to the Jersey Shore todayOcean City.

After a chilly (air conditioning was not necessary) bus ride, we arrived at a slightly less chilly (but rather cloudy) beach. Julia and I spent the early part of the day exploring the beach, walking up the boardwalk.  We didn't do much while we walked...Julia pointed out that the seagulls looked like little executioners. So, that happened. Then we met up with Gwennie and Donna, and shortly after, ended up stealing at least half of Donna's caramel corn (thank you Donna, we love you!). We got some gelato at Julia's insistence (it was SO GOOD), stopped in a candy store (I made Julia have another fit of hysterical laughter by acting out The Lion King with the stuffed animals) then headed to the beach. 

We hung out on the crowded beach for a while, collecting sea shells. After a while, I decided to force Julia and Donna to make a sandcastle with me, and after an artistic idea of mine, Donna and I tried valiantly to make a seashell mosaic on the castle walls, which failed completely. 


We ended up going less than knee-deep into the icy water to wash off the sand, then walked around for a little while before we headed back. 

When we got back, we had dinner at a place called Cosi (they had white hot chocolate! WHAT?!?), and I played Julia a ton of Disney music (poor, unfortunate Julia must have had a terrible, Disneyless childhood). 

After today, we'll only have six more days on the East Coast. Six! AAAH! Six is not a big enough number! We need more time! There is more injustice to be discovered! NOOOO!

Seriously, though, the fact that I see my minutes in class as something precious rather than as a chore is an achievement for Penn. How is it that I'm happy in a classroom?!? It's summer! I should be on a beach! Well...

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