Saturday, July 12, 2014

New York City

Today we woke up at our usual time, despite it being Saturday, because we were all going to New York City. Julia, Julia and I walked to Starbucks for a quick breakfast because the dining hall is not open on Saturdays.

Times Square

Then we got on the buses at nine, and after a very long train ride, got to New York City at noon. We were in the Columbia area, but had to be back at the buses by 12:30, so we only really had twenty minutes to do anything, which was disappointing.

After that, we got back on the bus to go to the Times Square area. I met up with Julia, Julia, Donna, and Isabel as we got off the buses. First we spent some time looking for a place to eat lunch, because it was after 1:00 and we were all hungry. We eventually found a sushi place, but it didn't have any sushi ready yet, so I got split pea soup instead, which was delicious.

Rockefeller Center
Then we walked along, browsing a street market on 7th Avenue. They had lots of interesting things to look at, like watches, scarves, and glass animals, as well as food and drinks. We made our way down that street to Times Square, which was like being inside of a giant billboard. The many and massive advertisements were overwhelming. We stopped inside clothing stores to soak up the air conditioning, as it was very hot and sunny outside. Then we went to a frozen yogurt store we'd seen earlier so that we could cool off and sit down. Julia Shebek demonstrated her ice cream eating skills by getting the largest amount of frozen yogurt and finishing first.

The "Split Rocker"
The invisible step
Then, since we still had two hours left, we walked to the Rockefeller Center and looked at some art on exhibit. The most dramatic by far was a giant head of a rocking horse, made of live, growing flowers. We sat down on a bench for a while, and there a small step only about an inch high that was near us. As I was watching, nearly every person who walked over it tripped, despite the bright yellow line obviously failing to prevent such things.

 On the way back, we stopped by the place we had lunch so that I could get soup for dinner as well. Unfortunately, Julia M inadvertently took it with her onto her bus, and since we were on different buses, I couldn't get it back, so she ate it. Surprisingly, I managed to sleep most of the way back to Philadelphia.

Back in Philadelphia, I went to the Wawa with Donna and Isabel for dinner, and then did my weekend homework for Physics in my dorm room.

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