Friday, July 11, 2014

Speed Racer Cars and Apes! (How Do They Correspond, One Wonders? Read On...)

Excited Sam Tiger, a Group Partner, in the Lab!
Today was another exciting and eventful day! There's so much that happened that I'm trying to dam and control the words that are going to gush out through my fingertips! To begin with, in physics today, we were able to get our hands on a scientific instrument called an oscilloscope that detects electricity or sound waves and produces a wave that one can measure and use for data. This instrument was supposed to help us find the speed of sound and speed of electricity in copper wire by ourselves! With our data, we were able to get reasonable data which matched our hypothesized values. Another thing that happened in physics was Bill giving us a demonstration of an electric field that was able to build up charge and produce an electric spark even though the machine was inside a cookie jar from Walmart!

Just One of the Many Cars That I Saw At the Museum!
But that wasn't the best thing that happened today! One of the really cool things that we did was go to the Simeone Automotive Museum to play with brooms and bowling balls. So the first thing we did there was practice moving a bowling ball around in a certain path such as a curve or a circle and practice starting and stopping a bowling ball. This was to prepare us for a relay race that we would have in our lab groups! We were first and we didn't do so well time-wise because we were the only ones following the rules. So because of our correct objections, we were given a second chance and got the best time going around the bowling track! After the race, we all explored the car museum and saw such interesting and exquisite cars. The best part of it all was that some of the cars shown here were winners of professional races such as the Le Man and so because of this, the Simeone Automotive Museum was nominated as the best museum of the year by the International Historic Motoring Awards Committee! Bill started talking about some of the background and specifications of some of the cars that we saw. For example, one of the cars that we saw, the 1958 Aston Martin DBRi, which housed the famous Jim Clark, Stirling Moss, and Jack Fairman!

The Tiny Spark in the Dark That "Lit Up" My Day! Hey, That Rhymed!
To conclude this fantastic day, we watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I enjoyed this movie better than the movie before it as it had a nice, seamless plot. Spoiler Alert! But there were somethings that I found corny such as the apes saying that they had to catch all the humans and Kobba having his son named Ash which reminded me a lot of Pokemon and I was able to predict some of the lines of what the actors would say. Still, I enjoyed the movie and its idea that peace between apes and humans is possible, but fear and mistrust keep this from ever happening. In conclusion, today was an adventure that was packed from beginning to end! I wonder what's in store for tomorrow as we go to New York!

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