Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Last Sunday

Julia stalking a mouse
This morning (after I went back to bed at 6:30 anyway) I slept in late--something I've been looking forward to all week. Then I had brunch in the dining hall and looked over my physics group's PowerPoint presentation. Tomorrow we're meeting after class to run through it and make any necessary edits to cut it down to ten minutes. I met John and the rest of the cohort (minus Bryan, who was doing laser tag) at six, and we walked to the Fresh Grocer to get dinner. They didn't have a whole lot of options, so I just went with some mac and cheese and a fizzy lemonade. We ate in a nearby park, and Julia M. spent some time stalking a mouse we'd seen. Then Julia and Julia realized they needed to leave early to go to their lecture, which Julia M. was very disappointed about, because she'd been looking forward to the popsicles she'd been raving about all week. John, Donna, Andrew, and I walked to the Lil' Pop Shop to try the much vaunted popsicles. They were, in fact, very good.

All of our popsicles
Afterwards Donna and I commiserated about it already being the last week. This was the last day we would have brunch in the dining hall! We couldn't believe it had gone so fast. Three weeks seems like a long time, but when you're busy it just flies by. I'm definitely looking forward to being home (oh my gosh, my bed), but I'll miss Penn and all the people I've met here.

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  1. "very good." The popsicles where "very good," she says. RETHINK YOUR WORD CHOICE!
    Some acceptable adjectives for describing the popsicles: transcendent, stunning, heavenly, magical, or glorious. :)