Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ocean City

Ocean City Beach Boardwalk
Today I met Donna at eight and we walked to a Wawa to get breakfast. This time I went to a different (better) Wawa that had regular cream cheese without vegetables to put on their bagels. Then, at nine, we met everyone else back at the quad and boarded our buses for the two-hour bus ride to Ocean City.

As anyone who has been to the Bay Area knows, the breeze does not taste like cranberry and pineapple.
First we just wandered the boardwalk for a while, looking in shops. Then Julia Mason spotted a place where they were selling pizza "with salad on top... just like home" and insisted we get some--so she and Julia Shebek had pizza while I got frozen lemonade from the shop next door. Then Julia M. spotted a gelato place and insisted we get some on the basis that "it's gelato." Then, since she didn't eat it as fast as Julia S, it dripped all over the boardwalk. (She promised to come back later in the day and take up the challenge again.) 

Julia and Julia "sword fighting"
Then we spent a lot of time looking in gift stores and candy shops--Donna got very frustrated because she had bought a shark tooth necklace, and every store she went in after that seemed to have one that was less expensive. Julia and Julia also got some frozen lemonades, and started sword-fighting with the tiny plastic toothpicks that came with the drink.

Finally, we stopped by the gelato place again so Julia M. could prove to herself that she could finish a cup of ice cream (she didn't, again), before meeting everyone else in the program on the beach at five to get on the buses and go back home.

This was a fun day, but very tiring. Unfortunately, it was so tiring that I fell asleep while blogging and woke back up at six in the morning to realize that my light was still on and I hadn't finished my blog. (Sorry!)

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