Friday, July 4, 2014

Fun Fireworks on the Fourth

The entrance to the dorms at Penn
This morning in Philadelphia we had thunderstorms until 11 am. As a result, they cooled off the city and we had our first cool day. When we went out for lunch at around two, it was breezy and 70 degrees--it was lovely. We went to lunch at Distrito, a Mexican restaurant owned by Iron Chef Jose Garces. The guacamole with cheese and chunks of crab was absolutely amazing, and the black beans on rice, however simple it sounds, was cooked to perfection.
After lunch we walked around Penn campus, and looked at where our dorms were that we will be living in for the next three weeks. There are a lot of leafy green trees on campus, and birds and grey squirrels that we don't have in the Bay Area. The Penn campus is very beautiful, and I can't wait to live on it.

The beautiful campus of UPenn

After that we walked down to where the Fourth of July concert was taking place, by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We stood in (very) long lines to buy hot dogs, corn dogs, lemonade, cotton candy, and fries for dinner (an incredibly balanced and nutritious meal, like all of our food, of course). We sat in the grass to the side to listen to the music while we caught fireflies--there was no way we could get close enough to comfortable see the stage. 

Walking to the concert along the Schuylkill River
After the concert ended, the fireworks started, which was what we were really looking forward to. They were very colorful and loud and bright (like bombs bursting in air). That was the biggest fireworks show I've ever seen. There were also people setting off their own fireworks from the sidewalk. Some people lit big sparklers on the ground, and then tried to jump through them before they exploded. As John said: "Darwin would be proud."

At the concert

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