Friday, July 4, 2014

May the Fourth Be with You

Happy Fourth of July! It's our day off, so today, I woke up after noon. It was heavenly.

Mr. Hillyer asked about eating lunch, but I decided to eat later with Julia and meet up with the group after. I waited for Julia to wake up (the poor girl is still sick) to offer her food, and we ended up eating at the WaWa (the East Coast's far superior 7-11) before meeting the group to walk around the Penn campus. It's really nice; I have yet to find an ugly part of Penn. 


After about an hour and a half of free time (more reading!), we met in the lobby (again, Julia and I were ready early) to go to watch the concert and fireworks in Philadelphia. We walked about a mile to right near the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where the concert was being held. We didn't exactly get front-row seats (it's a free concert, so it was packed), but we got to listen to The Roots, Nicki Minaj, and Ed Sheeran live. Also I caught fireflies for the first time! Woo! It was really cool. 

These pictures are just too great to make them small
After that were the fireworks, which were spectacular and patriotic and very pretty. I have some pictures (not equally as pretty).


Oh, something eventful before the fireworks: Julia and I were about halfway through the enormous funnel cake line when a bunch of people started running toward us, and away from something. The only hint I got to what it was was someone yelling to her friend, "I'm so scared!" Julia and I started running with everyone else, prioritizing our safety over funnel cake, and fortunately, people calmed down within a minute, so I don't think it was serious, but we still have no idea what it was. 

And I never got my funnel cake. 


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