Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Fresh Princeton


No wonder it's called the "Dinky"
The original plans for today were to have the usual routine (info session and tour) at Princeton, but they were thwarted when Princeton cancelled its tours and info sessions after the Fourth of July. Still, we ventured into the mysterious uncharted (totally charted) territory of New Jersey to explore the strange land of Princeton on our own. 

We took more trains to get to Princeton. One of them was the "Dinky," a two-car train that takes you a couple of miles between Princeton and a bigger train system, the SEPTA. 

We walked through the back of Princeton, and saw the few Princeton buildings that were built with more modern designs (hint: they aren't very pretty—fortunately there are only two or three of them that we saw), but I swear, every other building at Princeton was an architectural masterpiece. 

Allow me to demonstrate with a college collage. 

This took a long time to make, so you'd better appreciate it.
Are you appreciating it? ARE YOU?!
Julia created this and shouted, "SPOONHENGE!"
Mr. Hillyer told us what he knew about Princeton while we walked around the spectacular campus (did you SEE those pictures?!) but if I want enough information to actually decide if the school is right for me, I'll have to research it myself. (Which is guaranteed to happen.) 

We ate pizza across the street from Princeton, then moved on to this amazing ice-cream place called The Bent Spoon. I got Malt Cone and Passion Fruit ice cream: the second is self-explanatory, but the first was malted ice cream with chunks of chocolate-dipped sugar cone. Glorious? Yes. We hung out in a little park and ate our ice cream. After that, we had some pretty great burgers, and equally great milkshakes, at Bobby's Burger Palace.

Now all that's left to do is get ready to move in to our dorms tomorrow. Class doesn't start until Monday, but I'll meet my roommate (if I'm lucky enough to have one) soon. I'm excited! It's finally happening!

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