Sunday, July 6, 2014

A "Penn"tiful Day of Unpacking!

Here Comes Moving Day!
Today was moving day! Waking up at 8:30, we got ready and packed up our stuff from the hotel and off we went to Penn! Dragging all our luggage there was a bit of a pain as one of my luggage wheels broke! Thankfully, it was my small bag and not my huge, enormously heavy luggage! Anyways, we got our ID card to enter the Penn campus and the keys to enter the dorms. Finally, we were here! Arriving at my dorm with all my stuff, I started unpacking like crazy. So I have a single room by myself which has its pros and cons as I don't have to worry about disturbing my neighbors that are next to me when I wake up or when they're sleeping. But it does still feel a bit lonely being by myself in the room. Yet there are still things to be thankful for such as having my own sink, desk, chair, closet, shelves, and vanity. In light of all this, I'm very happy with my current living station at my dorm!

Yummy Jack Burger and Fixin's!
After ruthlessly unpacking my stuff, we went out to eat at Baby Blues BBQ. I tried some things such as hush puppies which are deep-fried cornbread pieces which tasted scrumptious. After feasting on the Jack "Hot Links" sandwich, I felt full and satisfied. Sadly, it was time to say goodbye to John, our "adopted dad" for the month. Still, he did say that he would text us to have lunch sometime in the future and would see us to give us our daily ration of money per week. So it won't be the last time seeing John in the trip. 

Look What I Found at Penn! A Statue of the Preacher George Whitefield!

Following our goodbyes to John, I decided to check out my other cohort members' rooms which were pretty cozy and spacious. I encountered and said hello to some of their roommates. Leaving them, I tried logging on and using the Penn WiFi and had some troubles with it. When I was able to get help from some of the school faculty members, I was able to help others with their own WiFi struggles and get to know more people that I wouldn't have gotten to know if it weren't for conversation starters like these. Talking with some of my floormates about what programs they were in and where they were from, we walked to the 1920s Dining Commons where they had a ton of food! It was like a dream come true with a lot of choices of food like pizza, burgers, salad, soup, and even ice cream! Freshman 15 or gaining 15 pounds after freshman year of college is totally real here at Penn. Stuffing my face with pizza and fajitas, we walked back to the big field sprawled out in the field and played some icebreakers to get to know some people. There were surprisingly a large number of people that I met that were not of the area from as close as Boston, Massachusetts to a bit farther like Houston, Texas to Hong Kong and Shanghai in China! 

What Else Lies Ahead of Me in Penn?
In conclusion, today was a nice, relaxing day meeting students just like myself at the Penn programs. I really like my dorm and my floormates! I can't wait to start class tomorrow, meet my professor, and experience Penn in its natural habitat. You'd better be ready Penn, because I'm coming to see you soon!

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