Sunday, July 6, 2014

Moving Day

This morning, after some last-minute packing, we met in the lobby with all of our baggage (after waiting literally fifteen minutes for a free elevator, after which the maid took pity on us and took us down in the service elevator). We took our bags to the dorms at Penn and signed in to get our keys and schedules. Julia, Julia, and I are in different dorms, though we're at the ends of the same hallway because the buildings are all connected. 

Leidy Hall, where my dorm is
I am in a triple, so I have two roommates; Sarah, from Chicago, and Sophie, from New Jersey. Our room has a large middle room and two smaller rooms (with doors that lock, yay) off on either side. Both smaller rooms also have sinks and closets. I took one of the smaller side rooms. Then everyone in the cohort met back for brunch at Baby Blues' Barbeque, where most of us had pulled pork sandwiches.

After lunch, we just headed back to our dorms to unpack and meet our roommates. The last person to arrive in my triple (Sarah) said she was very disappointed to have been last and gotten the middle room--which has no privacy, because in order to leave the room you have to go right through it.

Icebreakers in the quad
I also met my RC, and everyone in my RC group met to walk to dinner together. Because tonight everyone went to dinner at the same time, the dining room was packed and it was impossible to get a seat--I ate pizza and a tuna sandwich on the windowsill.

After dinner, all the RC groups did icebreakers like "Screaming Toes" and "Two Truths and a Lie" (or at least that's what my group did) and we were told about the basic rules and the schedule tomorrow, though there will be a more comprehensive orientation tomorrow night.

Afterwards, I went to Julia and Julia's room and talked with them for a few hours. Tomorrow is the first day of classes, and I can't wait!

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