Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jersey Tore

The View from the Dinkey
Today was the last day before we move into the UPenn campus tomorrow. Unfortunately, it started with some bad news in that Princeton wasn't doing campus tours on weekends even though they said that they would a month before we arrived here. Still, we were able to visit the campus and do our own tour with John as our tour guide! After waking up and eating breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts at the Amtrak train station, we took the train to New Jersey. When we arrived in New Jersey, we took the New Jersey subway to the Trenton stop. The Trenton stop led us to the train to the little train that led us to Princeton University which was called the Dinkey!

The Futuristic Looking Chem Labs in Hogwarts?
Arriving at Princeton, John started telling us which buildings were what. For example, he showed us a building near the entrance arch where it was actually a dormitory dominated back then by the Princeton rugby team until they got rowdy! We unfortunately couldn't see the building that Albert Einstein used to teach in as the doors were looked. Yet we were able to walk onto the Princeton football field and pretend throw a pass to one another running up and down the steps like Rocky! Princeton looks surprisingly a lot like Hogwarts with its old castle looking buildings. But there has been some controversy with modern-looking buildings thrown into this Hogwarts structure because they seem to be oddballs in such a medieval setting. Honestly to me, it's a fusion of the old world and the new world!

Bent Spoon's Great Gelato!
Concluding our tour, we ate lunch at Pizza π and had ice cream at Bent Spoon which was magically delicious even though the weather was already fantastic with a nice, chilly breeze on a sunny day. After this scrumptious treat, we hopped back on the trains to get back to the hotel where we rested. Following the break, we ate at Bobby Flay's Burgers which has some pretty good milkshakes to conclude our day.

The Last UPenn Cohort Tour (Not Really Though)!
In conclusion, though today wasn't as stressful as the past few days, I still enjoyed the Princeton sights that I saw today. I'm kind of sad that all our college tours are all done. Well, actually, they're not! The next 3 weeks is pretty much a tour of UPenn itself and so I can't wait!

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