Saturday, July 5, 2014

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles. Or at least trains.

A Princeton castle
Today we woke up (relatively) early so that we could leave to catch our train at eight. We grabbed a quick breakfast at the train station and were on our way. After taking two trains into New Jersey, we rode into Princeton on the famous Princeton Dinky. Unfortunately, there were no tours because it was a holiday weekend, but John played tour guide from his iPhone, reading us random facts as we walked around the campus. 

Another Princeton castle-building
After walking around campus for a while looking at the Hogwartian architecture and walking through fountains, we left campus to get lunch at a pizza place, the Princeton Pi. I had a very unusual slice of pizza--pasta pizza. Having had it, I can say it's not the kind of pizza I would have again, but it was unique enough to be worth trying once.
Pasta Pizza at the Princeton Pi
Then we walked over to an ice cream place and ate our ice cream in a nearby park. Julia and Julia were very proud that they made a spoonhenge. Then we began walking through campus back to the Princeton Dinky, and caught June-bugs and large colorful beetles on the way. While waiting for the Dinky, Bryan, Andrew, Donna, and John sat on the edge with their legs hanging over the tracks. (Darwin would be proud.)

Walking through a fountain
We made it back to the hotel after spending about an hour-and-a-half on trains. We all took naps in our hotel rooms for the next forty-five minutes (oops, did you say we were supposed to start blogging and packing?) and then met for dinner at six. We walked to a hamburger place that John said was good, Bobby's Burger Palace. Then we sang Happy Birthday to Donna, who is turning sixteen, before we ate our hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes.

Finally, we came back to the hotel and started packing. Tomorrow we will (finally!) leave to go to our dorms, and the day after we'll start our classes! Very exciting.

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